Benjamin Kirk

Member of DFF, The Danish Association of Cinematographers


2014: Graduated Master of fine arts in Cinematography
From the American Film Institute Conservatory

2006-2007: European Film College  

Member of DFF, The Danish Association of Cinematographers.              

Other skills
Experience in 3D Stereoscopic Cinematography
Experience in steadycam, gimbal and drone work
Experience in operating with gearhead
Experience in Underwater Cinematography (Certificated as Advanced Open Water Diver)


2018: "Below the Surface" - TV-Serie ( Sam production) Episode 2. 5+6+7+8

2017 "Selfiestan" - TV-series (DR Fiction & Cosmo Film)

2016: “Yes No Maybe” - Web series, 2016 (Good Company Films)

2014: “Slut” – 35mm short film, 2014, (American Film Institute Conservatory)
Best Short Film”, Las Vegas Film Festival 2015
Shorty Award”, Sun Valley Film Festival 2015
Best Short Film”, Atlanta Film Festival 2015
Nominated for “Grand Jury Prize” at AFI Fest 2014

“Sea Monkey” – 35mm short film, 2013, (American Film Institute Conservatory)
“Woody and I” – Short film, 2013 (American Film Institute Conservatory)
“Bali Hai” – Short film, 2013, (American Film Institute Conservatory)

“I’d rather go blind” – 16mm short film, 2012 (American Film Institute Conservatory)
“Gentlemen, Gentlemen” – Short film, 2012, (American Film Institute Conservatory)

“Vildmand” – Short film, 2011 (Super8)
“Zomedy” – Short film, 2011 (Danish Film Institute, SF Film & DR)

“Kun os to” – Short film, 2010
“Oceaniden” – Short film, 2010 (Super8)
“Vogn 347” – Short film, 2010 (Zentropa & Danish Film Institute)
“Lille Panda” – Short film, 2010 (Aarhus Film Institute)

“Malerhjerte” – Short film, 2009 (Danish Film Institute)
“To som elsker hinanden” – Short film, 2008 (Danish Film Institute)

2008: “16” – Short film, 2008 (F-Film)


“Banko Carl" - Documentary series, 2016 (Pineapple Entertainment)

"Heart of Denmark" - Visit Denmark, OL Rio, 2016

“Bag i Klovn Forever” - Documentary, 2015 (Nutmeg)

“Danmarks Skønneste Hjem”, 2 seasons, TV-show, 2012 (Nordisk Film, DR)

“Livet i Nødsporet”, documentary, 2011 (Respirator Film, TV2 Zulu)

“Tucheze”  - documentary, Tanzania. 2008 (Aarhus Film Workshop & Kapow Film)


Won “Best Cinematography” at Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, 2015.

Won Received the “Ethel Poirer Award for Exellence in Cinema”, 2013.

Nominated for “Kodak Student Cinematography Award” in 2013 by Stephen Lighthill, ASC.