Valdemar Winge Leisner

Valdemar Cold Winge Leisner  


2013-2017 : Cinematography The National Film School of Denmark. 
2006-2009 : Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art. Received a 1st class BA (HONS) with distinction in Historical and Critical studies. Awarded 'The Newberry Medal' given to the top student in fine art, architecture and design departments.

Feature Film

 2018 - Selvhenter  - Director Magnus Millang 
Producer: Miso Film

TV Series

2019 - Doggystyle Episode 2 - Director Anna Emma Haudal ( pre-prod)
Producer: DR ( Danish National Broadcast) 

2018 - Doggystyle Episode 1 - Director Anna Emma Haudal
Producer: DR ( Danish National Broadcast) 

Short Film:

2017 -  In Love 
Director: Ville Gideon Sörman.
Producer: Zire Schucany. 

2017  -  Weltschmerz  - Documentary  
Director, Jesper Dalgaard.
Producer, Niclas Warner.

2015 - Sofa
Director: Anna Emma Haudal
Producer: Victor Cunha and Nanna Nyboe Tabor.
Production: Filmværkstedet Cph

2014 Pussy
Director: Ville Gideon Sörman.
Producer Karen Kristensen


2016 - Übermensch 
Director, Jesper Dalgaard.
Producer, Daniel Mühlendorph.
Official selection: Sheffield Doc fest (Got Special mention in relation to New Talent Award)   

2015 - Front View of My Father  
Director: Nicoline Skotte.
Winner: Sichuan TV Festival 2015: Most Innovative Documentary.     Winner: OFF16: Film Fyn’s Talent Award.    Winner: Ekko Shortlist Awards 2016, Best documentary.    Nominated: Robert 2016: Best short Documentary.

2015 - Yellowknife 
Cinematographer, shared credit along with Jacob Møller and Talib Rasmussen. 
Director: Niels Holstein Kaa.
Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen.
Production: Super 16 and Bullit Film.

2013 - Expedition To The End of The World
Director: Daniel Dencik.
Producer: Michael Haslund- Production: Haslund Film/DFI/DR


2016 - The Night Manager
Additional Cinematography
Director: Susanne Bier. Production: BBC og AMC 2015.    
Winner: Emmy Awards 2016, Best Director.    Winner: Golden Globe, Best Actor, Tom Hiddleston.

2014 - The Team 
Additional Cinematography. 
Director: Kathrine Windfeld. 
Production: Nordisk Film.'

2014 -  A Second Chance 
2nd Unit Cinematographer
Director: Susanne Bier.
Producer: Sisse Graum Jørgensen - Production: Zentropa Film/DK

2013 - The Bridge II 
Camera Operator.
Director: Kathrine Windfeld.
Production: Nimbus film, SVT, DR.

2013 - Copenhagen
Director: Mark Raso
Producer: Mauro Mueller - Production: ’Fidelio Film’ 

2012 - Serena
Landscape Cinematographer
Director: Susanne Bier
Production: 2929Productions/US

2011 - Love is all You Need
 2nd Unit Cinematographer
Director: Susanne Bier
Production: Zentropa Film/DK

2010 - Hævnen
Additional & Landscape Cinematographer
 Director: Susanne Bier
Production: Zentropa Film /DK   
Winner: Oscar, Best Foreign Language Film. - Winner: Golden Globe, Best Foreign Language Film